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restaurant los adobes de todos santos

Two childhood friends from Guadalajara, Mexico reunited in Todos Santos with their families to realize a dream of sharing their love of Mexican cuisine.

"We realized Todos Santos offered us a dynamic setting for our multicultural families and we could offer Todos Santos the fine Mexican cuisine it lacked.

We recognized the potential of a 100 year old adobe ruin in downtown Todos Santos, which long ago had served as a sugar cane warehouse. We renovated it using only original materials, adding an open terrace for dining and creating a stunning garden from a vacant lot. We enjoy sharing this beautiful transformation with everyone.

A great setting was very important to us, but our passion for food is what it's all about. Our menu was created with our families' culinary heritage and recipe development done with two known Mexican chefs. Our restaurant is dedicated to our love of Mexican cuisine."

We are in our second season and are solidly building an excellent reputation. Bon Appetit has included our restaurant in their May 2003 issue -The Soul of Mexico.

Los Adobes de Todos Santos is the "best place to eat your way across Mexico" and "in Todos Santos, a town known for terrific restaurants, one of the best is Los Adobes de Todos Santos. That's where artists, expats, and locals hang out on the pretty patio and enjoy dishes that hail from a variety of Mexican regions." — Bon Appetit, May 2003

Enjoy Los Adobes de Todos Santos!

los adobes before restoration

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Los Adobes de Todos Santos