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1.   Platón Mexicano. 2 Sopes , 2 tacos chiken , 2 quesadillas and guacamole.  
2.   Queso Fundido. Melted cheese with a choice of mushrooms, chorizo or sliced chiles.  
3.   Ceviche. Fresh fish marinated in lime juice with tomato , onion , cilantro and serrano chiles.  
4.   Queso al Cilantro. Breaded regional cheese , served on top of cilantro and onion sauce.  
5.   Guacamole. Avocado with tomato, onion and serrano chiles.  
6.   Sopa Azteca. Tomato and fried chili soup, sprinkled with cream, cheese, fried tortilla, avocado and pasilla chile.  
7.   Sopa Tarasca. A creamy mixture of beans and chipotle , sprinkled with tortilla strips, avocado, panela cheese and pasilla chile.  
8.   Caldo Pepita. Chicken broth with a delicious combination of pumpkin seeds and chicken meat, sprinkled with guajillo chile.  
9. Gazpacho Tajin. Refreshing cold tomato , cucumber and pepper soup with a tropical hint of mango. $100
10.   César Tradicional. Crisp romaine lettuce with our own special dressing.  
11.   César de la Casa. Crisp romaine lettuce with shrimp and our special dressing of basil and pine nuts.  
12.   Ensalada Adobes. A refreshing variety of green vegetables ( lettuce green beans, zucchini , cucumber , avocado, and bell peppers ) accompanied by strips of grilled chicken breast.  
13.   Pescado Bella Menier. A fish fillet grilled with butter, amaretto liqueur and almonds.  
14.   Pescado al Cilantro. A fresh fish fillet topped with a creamy cilantro sauce.  
15.   Pescado a las Finas Hiervas.A fish fillet grilled with our organic house herbs ( thyme , basil and rosemary).  
16.   Sopa de Mariscos.Tomato and chili soup with a taste of the sea (shrimp, fish and scallop) and a touch of green pepper and onion.  
17.   Fajitas de Camarón al Molcajete. Shrimp fajitas accompanied by grilled mushrooms , onions and peppers . Served in a molcajete with ranchero sauce and rice garnish.  
18.   Camarones al Ajillo. Shrimp sauteed in garlic and guajillo chiles with a touch of white wine. Served with rice and sauteed vegetables.  
19.   Camaron Mango. Grilled shrimp with mango and basil salsa with a touch of chile de arbol. Served on a bed of rice with fresh vegetables.  
20.   Mole. A delicious chicken breast with our delicious homemade mole poblano, sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds , served with rice and vegetables   $245
21.   Rollo de Pechuga. Rolled chicken breast with cilantro topped with a delicious hibiscus sauce and vegetable garnish.   $240
22.   Fajitas de Pollo. Chicken fajitas with onions, peppers and tomatoes, dipped in ranchero sauce with rice side dish.   $240
23.   Doña Chuy. Arrachera (Beef) with melted cheese and corn mushrooms, served on a bed of puff pastry and topped with peanut sauce.   $285
24.   Arrachera. Beef served with nopal, green onions , serranos , guacamole and beans.   $255
25.   Fajitas de Arrachera. Beef fajitas with nopales , mushrooms , onion, green pepper and tomato, dipped in ranchero sauce , with rice garnish.   $270
26. Chiles en Nogada. A poblano chilim stuffed with ground beef, pork and fruit, topped with a creamy walnut sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. $310
27.   Chiles Rellenos. Ancho chile stuffed with potatoes, served on a bed of beans cream.   $215
28.   Enchiladas de Queso. Corn tortilla filled with cheese and covered with ancho chile sauce, drizzled with cream and cheese, served with rice.   $195
29.   Guiso Vegetariano. A combination of fresh vegetables (squash , carrots and green beans, onions , poblano peppers, mushrooms)served in a ranchera sauce with rice.   $210
30.   Traditional Flan. Napolitano homemade.   $120
31.   Sundae. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.   $85
32.   Crepes.With melted caramel and vanilla ice creaml.   $135

* Please let your server know if you have any food allergies before you order 
* Extra chips 30.00
* Extra flour tortillas 20.00
* 15% gratuity added to parties of six or more *
* No extra charge for on extra plate to be brought to the table
* There will be an extra charge of 20.00 pesos to split on order in the kitchen
* All prices are in pesos and include TAX
* 15 % service charge will be added to tables of six or more

For reservations, email: losadobes@prodigy.net.mx


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